Our Current Traffic Pricing Levels

Cost determined by the amount of visitors purchased
Number Of Visitors                United States, Canada, United Kingdom, some European countries, and South Africa                                     
1,000 Visitors:        $1.90
3,000 Visitors:        $5.70
5,000 Visitors:        $9.50
10,000 Visitors:      $19.00
15,000 Visitors:      $28.50
20,000 Visitors:      $38.00
25,000 Visitors:      $47.50
50,000 Visitors:      $95.00
75,000 Visitors:    $142.50
100,000 Visitors:    $190.00
About Your Payment (all payments are processed through our parent company Video Clip Tool Kits):
  • Sign up and create your Free TrafficGally Account;
  • Complete your payment through PayPal;
  • Click the Blue Links that say "Return To Video Clip Tool Kits";
  • You will be returned to the "Manage Your Campaigns" page;
  • The "Status" field will show the state of your campaign;
  • You will be able to edit your campaign details such as the Destination URL.

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