Frequently Asked Questions

What types of sites do you send traffic to?

We send traffic to sites of any kind - nonadult and adult (TGP, MGP, Free Sites, Pay Sites, Toplists, LinkLists, etc). We send traffic to non-adult websites from the "non-adult" traffic category. When ordering traffic please use the correct category for your traffic type. TrafficGally reserves the right to re-categorize any campaign we feel has not been correctly placed in it's appropriate category.

What are the rules for marketers purchasing traffic?
Our rules are simple:
  • No landing page pop-ups or consoles;
  • no autoloading dialers;
  • no java prompts;
  • no auto-bookmarking;
  • no home-page changing;
  • no parent window changing;
  • no fake codecs;
  • no fake antiviruses;
  • no auto-installers;
  • no spyware;
  • no adware;
  • no underage;
  • no incest;
  • no rape;
  • no animal sites;
  • legal content only;
  • 100% clean sites only;
  • clean links/traders only.
If you get caught breaking any of these rules TrafficGally will delete your campaign and you WILL NOT get a refund!

How long will it take to begin my campaign and deliver my traffic?

Your campaign will begin IMMEDIATELY after your payment has been approved. This is only a matter of seconds since we receive notification of a successful payment almost instantly... For total traffic delivery, it is not uncommon to receive thousands of visitors each day. In real terms, you could receive an entire order for 25,000 visitors in just one day. Our system automatically adjusts traffic levels based upon the needs of our clients.

Can I request a refund?

Absolutely! In the unlikely event you do not receive the amount of visitors you purchased, or you have another complaint about our service, we will promptly issue a refund. All refunds are pro rata.

Do you generate traffic using automated, SPAM, or other unscrupulous techniques?

Absolutely not! All of our traffic is GENUINE, HIGH-QUALITY traffic! Only REAL PEOPLE will be sent to your site!  We also DO NOT participate in any "pay-per-click" programs!  Please visit the section of our site "Internet Marketing 101" to learn some methods of detecting bot traffic with Google Analytics.

Do you guarantee that I will get sign-ups or make sales?

Absolutely not! TrafficGally only GUARANTEES to deliver the total amount of traffic purchased. It is up to YOU and YOUR ADVERTISING to convince surfers to take action. Please visit the section of our site "Internet Marketing 101" to learn some methods to help you increase your conversion ratios.

What if my web stats program shows a different amount of visitors then yours?

Our log files and our databases together comprise the FINAL arbiter of all traffic delivered.  Google Analytics is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for tracking web site stats - including referrers, time on site, pages viewed, etc...

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

Please use the contact information on our "Contact Us" page. Your question(s) will be answered promptly.